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How To Develop Your Retirement Career While Still Working

(Reposted from April 2014)

Boomers – are you thinking you might like to explore a new career frontier after you ‘retire’ from your current job/career?

Many boomers are planning new careers. But for some, it’s not going to be a hard-stop, hard-start proposition. Many will do that ‘transition’ thing. Put a toe in the water of a new career, while still working at the ‘day job’. Perhaps trying something out part-time, or testing the waters.

Either way, it will take some juggling to manage the ‘new career’ with the day job.

As one of the Globe and Mail writers for the Ask a Career Coach feature, I wrote about this in my latest article. A reader asks, how can she manage two careers at once? She describes one as a ‘passion’ career. The other, her day job and she’s not willing to give up either.

READ MY ARTICLE HERE: How to Develop a Passion (or Retirement) Career Without Losing Focus on the Day Job

I wrote this from my own experience and ‘heart’. When I started my career in professional coaching (and related areas), I had a firm foot in my first career (communications). My career path has been all about balance and transition. Still is to a large extent.

Would love to hear from you? Do you have experience transitioning to a new career and holding two careers at once? What has worked? What challenges did you face? What other tips might you have?

To Your UNretiredlife!


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“Retirees” set to outnumber newly hired…

Hmmm. Talk about a paradigm shift! Well, I’ve been talking about a paradigm shift (in this blog and elsewhere) for some time now but now we’ve got some hard core demographic stats that can’t be ignored.

Front page in yesterday’s Globe and Mail, the headline reads: “Baby bust: In the first, the newly retired outnumber the newly hired”

According to Statscan’s demographic division, at some point this year, the number of 15-24 year-olds will slip below the number of 55-64 year-olds.

Raises a lot of questions:

For boomers – will this cohort of ‘older’ workers influence the employment landscape to abolish (or reduce) ageism as employers struggle to retain talent?  And boomers – do you want to stay on in the workforce? Do you have to stay on due to financial reasons? What are your plans for staying on….change careers? Modify? Tweak? Or keep things exactly as they are for a while? If scaling back, what does your work-life portfolio look like?

Lots of questions with a call for planning. These are indeed interesting times!

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How Do You Define “Retirement”?

Well, if you’ve read any of this blog – then it will be no surprise that the notion of retirement is changing. And with it – perhaps a new ‘official’ definition is in order? TD Bank is inviting Canadians to submit their definition of retirement in a contest that ends September 26. 

To submit your definition go to and if you’d like to read the news release for more detail – click here.

Personally, I think the word ‘retire’ should be retired (s’cuse the pun…it was intentional). And instead of a new definition of retirement, we need a new word to describe this phase of life. Wanna know mine? You guessed it:


Yup, the anti-thesis of ‘retiring’ and rather than ending a chapter we are simply shifting gears. Still full of life!

To your UNretiredLife….and with personal and professional (if you choose) wellbeing in all phases of life!



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Retiring Retirement (National Post) and more…

Retiring Retirement…that’s the title of an article in which I was recently interviewed for. I like the sound of that phrase (retiring retirement). It sounds a bit like this blog’s name and philosophy: UNretiredLife.  Well, as many of you may know – retiring the old notion of retirement is a topic I’ve addressed for quite some time. This year, there’s been a huge ramp up of this story as boomers have turned 65. Media, banks and many other players in the financial services industry have hop on to this new narrative of what ‘retirement’ is going to mean to boomers. A paradigm shift to say the least!

In the News! In the past couple weeks, I’ve been quoted quite extensively in articles about work and life in so-called retirement. See below. And, btw, if you feel you are years away from retirement and don’t need to think about this – well, think again. Planning for life (and possibly work/career) in the next stage of life takes time. I know. I started in my ’40′s — and as many of you know, I have been developing an extensive second career that could serve me well into my so-called retirement years (Big Cheese Coaching)  — alongside my other career in communications.  Takes work. Planning. Thinking. And more.

Anyways, don’t take it just from me – hear what others have to say:

Retiring Retirement – and how boomers can stay engaged with work and life (Investment Executive, November 2011)

Retirement Can Get Old Very Fast – if you don’t do the ‘life planning’ part of it (National Post, November 5, 2011)

Post-work Planning – how boomers can plan for life after full time work (Investment Executive, November 2011)

To a TGIM work+life in all stages of work and life!


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Try the Retro Retirement…In the News

Anyone who pays attention to all the marketing buzz regarding retirement savings will feel they need to save millions to live a good, happy and meaningful retired life. Not so, says a recent article in the National Post, written by Garry Marr.  “Try the Retro Retirement” – shows how one couple is living a full and happy retirement lifestyle without spending lots.

I was interviewed for this article and quoted towards the end. In my chat with the reporter, I shared a few thoughts. Here’s a quick recap of our chat (since we spoke about more than what he was able to include in the article quote):

Living a meaningful life during so-called retirement is not only about the financial planning and money side of things. It’s about life planning. Every individual will have their own ‘version’ of what makes for meaningful life. So the key to planning is to first articulate your goals, what’s important to you; how you will spend your time; your must-haves vs. ‘nice to haves’, etc…..only then will you know how much $ you need to fund that lifestyle.

There are many dimensions to consider when planning for that next stage of life: your material needs of course  but also your emotional, intellectual and physical needs. Not everyone wants to travel the world. For some people, having more time with family and friends and personal pursuits will fulfill their dream life. Volunteering, learning a new hobby or advancing an existing one.

The options are many. So before you make assumptions about how much $ you need, take the time to explore what ‘meaningful life’ will be all about for you. That combined with the essentials (costs for home, food, etc.), will be a better starting point for your planning.

To the UNretiredLife!

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Do You Have the Green Light to Retire?

Further to my post yesterday, here’s another article of a similar theme:  boomers are not rushing out to do a full stop retirement. Many are heading back to work. Another Certified Financial Planner (Ted Rechtshaffen) wrote an article for the Globe and Mail’s “Globe Investor” and invited me to comment on this.

The article begins with this:  I think we all know of people who retired but then changed their mind. What made them go back to work? What lessons can it teach to those who are now thinking about retirement?


To success and fulfillment in your own version of UNretiredLife!



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