How To Develop Your Retirement Career While Still Working

(Reposted from April 2014)

Boomers – are you thinking you might like to explore a new career frontier after you ‘retire’ from your current job/career?

Many boomers are planning new careers. But for some, it’s not going to be a hard-stop, hard-start proposition. Many will do that ‘transition’ thing. Put a toe in the water of a new career, while still working at the ‘day job’. Perhaps trying something out part-time, or testing the waters.

Either way, it will take some juggling to manage the ‘new career’ with the day job.

As one of the Globe and Mail writers for the Ask a Career Coach feature, I wrote about this in my latest article. A reader asks, how can she manage two careers at once? She describes one as a ‘passion’ career. The other, her day job and she’s not willing to give up either.

READ MY ARTICLE HERE: How to Develop a Passion (or Retirement) Career Without Losing Focus on the Day Job

I wrote this from my own experience and ‘heart’. When I started my career in professional coaching (and related areas), I had a firm foot in my first career (communications). My career path has been all about balance and transition. Still is to a large extent.

Would love to hear from you? Do you have experience transitioning to a new career and holding two careers at once? What has worked? What challenges did you face? What other tips might you have?

To Your UNretiredlife!


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