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UNretiredLife, this blog and a new suite of offerings from Big Cheese Coaching,  helps boomers prepare for ”what’s next’ and create their own version of retirement. 

In two years (2011), the first cohort of the massive baby boom generation will turn 65 – the traditional age of retirement. But boomers are anything but traditional. Known to defy tradition – boomers are already starting to redefine this lifestage known as ‘retirement’.  

UNretiredLife is for boomers with zip – also known as ‘zoomers’ — who will opt out of the traditional ‘retirement on the porch’ and instead, view this lifestage as an opportunity to revitalize and realize new dreams, goals and ambitions.

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While the economy has impacted retirement plans for many, studies have indicated that boomers will want to work past ’so-called retirement age’ – not just for financial reasons but because they will choose to live vibrantly in this stage of life and continue to be active contributors to society. Many will start new businesses, or perhaps work part time – or for some,  perhaps not work at all; they will define work on their terms. They will re-ignite old passions and discover new ones.  There will be lots of changes – some intentional and some part of the life cycle; some desired and some not. UNretiredLife will speak to these changes.

With healthier lifestyles, improved medicine and increased longevity this lifestage can span up to 20-30+ years for many people, particularly those that experience ’first retirement’ prior to age 65.  This is too long to wing it…..Success and fulfillment in this lifestage calls for thoughtful planning! That includes life, work, financial and more.

Are you ready for Retirement2.0? Whether you are already in this lifestage, a few years away or even 20 years away, UNretiredLife offerings will help you plan for ‘Retirement2.0″: a new version of retirement — one that meets your unique needs and aspirations.  Your version of retirement will be as unique to you as your own fingerprint – thus, it’s yours to define.

Ask the right questions:  What will you do with your time? How will you express your identity in this lifestage?  What new goals will you pursue? How will you fulfill your social/emotional/physical/intellectual needs? What will work look like to you? How might you transition from your current work-life to perhaps another version? What new learning will you embrace…..? These are just a few of the issues we embrace in our offerings. 

Then there’s the financial side of things. Retirement planning is so often exclusively associated with the financial questions (”will I have enough”, “how much do I need”, etc). These are important too and we’ll bring in expertise to support those questions. But UNretiredLife recognizes that success is not only about the financial side of things. That is why we will engage you in the life/work/health/etc conversation — so that any financial planning you do engage in can more meaningfully match your life goals and circumstances.

Ultimately, our goal is to help clients achieve a vision and perhaps their own roadmap — to answer the question: what needs to happen to be fulfilled and satifisfied as you advance towards and be in the phase of life  that is yours to define on your own terms?

If that proposition engages you — and even (or especially!) if you don’t yet know the all the answers — then this is the place for you.  Stay in touch….we’ll be in this conversation for a good long while and presenting a range of offerings and services that may speak to you.  

In the meantime, here’s to your own uniquely defined version of retirement. Here’s to your UNretiredLife!

Boomers – are you ready??



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