There is a paradigm shift in the retirement landscape.  And with paradigm shifts, comes the call for new thinking, new questions and new dimensions in how we approach and plan for this life stage once known as ‘retirement’.

Gone are the gold watch retirement parties – followed by a life ‘on the porch’ hanging out….waiting out life.  Boomers — the next wave of ‘retirees’ — want none of that. Like so many other shifts they have created, the boomer generation is already starting to redefine the whole notion of retirement. This new version of retirement will be UNLIKE our parent’s retirement. This new version of retirement  is what I am calling: “UNretiredLife”.

UNretiredLife is a 180 degree shift from traditional retirement and defies the notion that our value declines as we age older. The new retirement sees life in a more circular way with continuous exploration, mastery, growth and contribution.  This paradigm says yes to  new goals, dreams, actualization and paths that fulfill and make for a meaningful and satisfying life….whatever that may mean to you.


UNretiredLife knows you can have a version as unique to you as your own fingerprint.

UNretiredLife is the name of this new blog and a whole suite of offerings (coaching, teleclasses, workshops, other) — brought to you by Big Cheese Coaching and Eileen Chadnick — qualified, trained and certified as a retirement life coach (and more) to help you navigate this new retirement and plan for your own unique, meaningful version.

UNretiredLife will be speaking to the issues, challenges, ideas that shape the new paradigm of this new kind of retirement.

UNretiredLife’s main focus is to help you figure out and plan for what’s next within the context of your unique life, circumstances, choices, career, interests, dreams, goals and passions!

UNretiredLife is NOT a financial planning offering, but may at times offer some due attention to the financial issues and bring in that expertise (from Certified Financial Planners) to round out our conversation and offerings — because that is an important facet to success in retirement. 

UNretiredLife is for you whether you are just approaching ‘retirement’ phase of life; already in it — or 20 years away.  UNretiredLife is for anyone who is ready to be in the conversation around what’s next for me; who will I be and what do I want to create in my next life stage?

UNretiredLife is inviting you to be part of this paradigm shift….are you ready to start the conversation?