Perhaps you are just starting to think about what’s next for your life (and maybe your work too) as you approach the so-called ‘retirement life-stage’. Maybe you want to clarify the possibilities for yourself and create a vision for what your life will be about – and who you will be — in the years ahead. Or perhaps you are well into this phase of life but could use a sounding board, a revitalization or a support to help you reach new goals and feel more inspired and engaged.

The possibilities are endless because your retirement (or UNretiredLife) is yours to create. 

Our Retirement 2.0 Coaching programs are available for individuals, groups, couples and organizations.

We offer programs of varying length and different ways of engaging  including: face to face, phone and online — and often a combination of all. 

Clients have said the value of coaching has given them:

– Clarity and focus

– Roadmaps and plans

– Support and accountability

– Increased confidence

– More personal fulfillment and success

– Enhanced self awareness

And more!  Check out some of the testimonials from Big Cheese Coaching.

Getting Started? Perhaps you want to start by dipping your toe in the water with our Retirement 2.0 Foundations Program.  Or get involved in our online programs (coming soon).

Or you are ready to go deeper and engage in a more expansive coaching engagement which we are calling “Retirement 2.1” and so forth.

Backed by Integrity, Passion and Experience: Eileen Chadnick (and any of our associated coach) brings experience, credentials, empathy, passion and a collaborative approach to her work as an UNretiredLife coach. As well, our coaching programs are supported by best of class assessments and other great stuff in our toolbox!

The UNretiredLife and Big Cheese Coaching philosophy is anchored by a belief that you want to experience meaning and significance in your life — in all its stages.   We believe you are inherently resourceful and able to make that happen – and perhaps with a bit of support and new ways of thinking can get to see a bigger picture and more possibilities for yourself. We are here to help.

Our coaching process is aligned with the standards of the International Coach Federation . We commit to integrity and a Code of Ethics and ultimately put your success as the driver of the agenda.

Visit this blog regularly to keep abreast of our offerings and special programs. And get in touch if you would like to have a confidential conversation about how an UNretiredLife coaching program may meet your needs and interests.

We look forward to hearing from you!

To success in your UNretiredLife!