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Andy Barrie to Retire – or is that “Retool”?

Andy Barrie, the widely respected host of Toronto’s CBC Radio One program Metro Morning, has announced he’s stepping down from the top-rated show. This is huge news in Toronto. He is part of so many people’s morning  ‘wake-up’ calls — including mine! I always start the day with my alarm tuned into  Metro Morning and like so many others, have come to truly admire, respect and like Andy.

Andy is 65, the age of ‘traditional’ retirement — but don’t count him out.  He may be leaving his current role but, according to all the news coverage, he’s got lots of ideas aboout possibilities for his future. 

Andy Barrie in studio (Dwight Friesen-CBC)
(Photo: Dwight Friesen – CBC)

Andy embodies the new face of retirement – the pardigm shift. Boomers will redefine what it means to ‘retire’. Many will leave their existing jobs – or current careers, but carry on with new versions of their work-lives and pursue new life adventures. 

On their terms.  

CBC is acknowledging this trend of the ‘new retirement’ with a series profiling folks like Andy – who have had successful careers and decide to completely retool and begin new careers. E.g. they will be profiling a successful business owner who went to medical school in mid-life. 

It will be an interesting series – and very aligned with UNretiredLife’s perspective on what is possible for boomers in the the next life stage.

I wish you well Andy – and am sure we will be hearing from you again but perhaps in a different way.

INVITATION: If any of you ‘out there’ are interested in your own ‘retooling’ as you head into this next phase of life (or even if you are many years away) – get in touch! We can help. As a retirement options certified coach, I offer coaching, teleclasses, assessments and more. Or at minimum, check back here. I’ll be writing about lots of topics and issues related to mid-life (or later) career and life transition.

In the meantime, to the UNretiredLife!


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