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Just two more spots left…

I can’t wait! I am counting down the days until my Retirement 2.0 Workshop on June 24th (with a follow-on program) — and putting the final touches on a really exciting program. What I’m most excited about is that I’ve got a great posse of people coming…..and before I forget, I want to share that I have just two spots left!

I call this “Retirement 2.0” – because the “R” stage of life will be a very different version from what old versions of retirement used to be. As such, it calls for a very different kind of planning ……so this workshop will be UN-like any old retirement planning workshop too! What else would you expect from UNretiredlife?!

JUST TWO SPOTS LEFT! If you are interested – you will be getting this program at a very significant discount (as it’s a Pilot from the Big Cheese Lab). As well, you will be joining a great group of people who come from a variety of professional backgrounds and range in age from age 50  to about age 61. Mind you, these are not limits to the age range required – just a representation of who has said ‘yes’ to this invitation so far.

No worries if you feel you are many, many years away from full time retirement. In fact, most of the group participants are in the same boat. They are quite a few years away from the full-time “R- stage of life (retirement/UNretirement) but are getting ready to make (or plan for) some changes – perhaps from their current work-life and want to explore what’s next for them in the years ahead for both work and life.  As well, we’ve also got some people who have just stepped away from their first career and just starting to explore this new stage of life. They have lots of road ahead and want to explore their possibilities for both work and life too!

Each brings different career backgrounds, interests and future aspirations — but they all recognize that having a successful past career/life isn’t going to cut it for their future. They need to take the time to reflect, plan and look at ahead to create the next stage in life so that it too brings meaning and ‘success’ on their terms.

Interested? If so, get in touch as I only have TWO SPOTS left. I’d be happy to have a no-obligation chat to see if this is a good fit for you. 

How about it? Ready for what’s next?

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Never Going to Retire? Join in…

Are you uncomfortable with the “R” Word?

Mention the word retirement and a lot of boomers defiantly say: “Not me – I’m never going to retire!”

Well, not an unfamiliar reaction. In fact, 31% of boomers in an RBC poll – said the same thing.  Another 51% said there was no appropriate age to retire – it’s up to you!

I couldn’t agree more!  That is why I am calling this blog (and my programs) UNretiredLife! Because many of us will delay the ‘hard-stop’ retirement and instead either continue to work in the same career, recareer, and/or start to test-out and ease into a different kind of work-life balance.

We boomers are known to ‘live to work’.  Despite the complaints along the way, work give us a lot more than just a paycheck: we get intellectual stimulation, the satisfaction of contributing, a place to test our mettle, develop skills and grow ourselves.  Along the way we self actualize, connect with people to ‘play with’ — and a whole bunch more. And yes, that paycheck is critical. Many of us will continue work for financial reasons.

But does that mean you don’t have to plan for your life and work? Heck no!!!

The biggest mistake people can make is to float along and delay the reflection and planning that is critical to ensuring your next stage of life — whether you work or don’t — is working for you!  We all know how important the financial planning piece is. Well the life & work planning is equally critical — and will make your financial planning that much more meaningful.

What will you do when you grow up (do we ever grow up?)? What are the career possibilities for you in the next stage of life? Will you shift career gears or continue in the same lane? Full time/part-time/contract – solopreneur anyone?

Those are just a few of the career question but there’s more: And what about the balance side of things? Will you delay that till you eventually do the ‘full stop retirement’ — or might that be an area to tackle first while you are working?

So whether you call the next stage of life ‘retirement’ or “Unretirement” — you still gotta plan! Financially of course. And for life.

WORKSHOP: That’s what my Retirement 2.0 program  is all about It’s the next version of ‘so-called-retirement’ and isn’t just for people planning ‘hard-stop’ cessation of work. It’s for boomers who want to make the most of the next stage of life (work optional!) — but perhaps haven’t yet had the chance to think it through. We’ll bring guidance, reflection prompters and challenges to your assumptions.  And it will be fun! At least that’s the intention:) 

SO….Care to join me and some Big Cheese Boomers starting June 24th?

Get in touch! Would love to have you there.

To success in the UNretiredLife

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Workshop News: Retirement 2.0 for “Big Cheese Boomers”

Hey Big Cheese Boomers – are you ready for what’s next? Further to my ‘pre-announcement’ post a few weeks ago, I’ve now got the details for a fabulous new program that’s been cook’n in my Big Cheese Coaching Lab and ready for the offering — and it starts June 24th!  Limited spaces (only about 10 or so)!

The Retirement 2.0 Group Program for “Big Cheese” Boomers — this is a three-part program for boomers who just don’t relate to the old notion of retirement. Hanging out on porch just won’t cut it.  Accomplished, successful (on your terms)- you are wanting something different from your so-called retirement years. Perhaps it will be a continuation of work or recareer — or maybe not. But the bottom line is: you need a plan and a direction to create a life stage that will continue to engage, inspire and connect you to what matters most. 

Just not quite sure what that looks like yet? This program may be for you!

Retirement 2.0 Group Program — is all about the ‘next version’ of so-called retirement….it’s  for boomers who want to create their own unique version.  This three-part program is being offered as a Pilot from the Big Cheese Coaching Lab. I’m inviting you to be part of a small, intimate group (only about 10 or so spaces!) to be in a conversation, exploration, discovery process about what your next life stage will be about.

At a Glance:  This three pronged-program will be jam-packed with reflection, tools/exercises and conversation over a two month period:

1) Full Day workshop (Toronto/ June 24th — location tbc) 

2) Series of 5 Teleclasses 

3) Membership to the Big Cheese Coaching Online Retirement 2.0 Course & Community (a great platform to work through decision points and if you choose, to connect with others in your group).

 Also – as a special pilot from the Big Cheese Coaching Lab, participants will receive this at a substantially reduced fee from future offerings. An additional further discount offered to those who register by May 2oth!

Curious? Interested? If so, get in touch with me quick as there are limited spaces.  And see below for more detail (dates, fees, FAQ):

1) One Pager – The Program At a Glance

2) FAQ – more detail

 3) Proposed topics/agenda: available upon request. Get in touch.

To Success & Significance in your UNretiredLife — create your own version!



Workshop News: Retirement 2.0 for boomers….

WHOO HOO! This is my PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT to my ‘real’ announcement (coming soon)!


Well, I’m so excited about something I have been working on and  percolating in the hopper, that I just can’t wait to share the news. So rather than wait till it’s all 100% ready, I thought I’d scoop my own launch announcement with a little  shout-out to give you a peek at what’s cook’n and coming soon!

I will be offering the first (of more to come) Retirement 2.o Workshops for boomers who see themselves as successful, vibrant and are ready to contemplate what’s next for them as they consider the next stage in life. Specifically, it’s for boomers with zip (zoomers) who believe that retirement on the porch is NOT for them. Folks who might be approaching traditional retirement age, or several years away, or already in it — but they feel this life stage is UNLIKE old notions of retirement and that the NEW retirement is theirs to create — and can also be filled with new goals, dreams, accomplishments aspirations…..And for many, it may even involve a continuation of work and career, on their terms.

….THAT SAID, many of you believe in ALL THAT but perhaps you have not yet had or taken the time to meaningfully  reflect on what that might look like to you. Or you’ve started but want to take that vision a little further.

This workshop & follow-on program will kick-start and build on the reflection and planning to get you going on a vision for ‘what’s next’ for you as you create success and significance in your own version of “UnretiredLife”

STARTING DETAILS (More to come soon!): I’m offering this from my Big Cheese Coaching Lab. What this means is you will get SUPER VALUE and as a first-time offering, you will get a signfiicantly reduced price with a plethora of great tools, goodies and more. 

At a glance some of the things to look forward to:

  • Full day workshop (Toronto for this round): Date tbd but likely towards latter part of June.
  • Full support after the workshop with series of special teleclasses just for your group – AND…
  • Membership to the Big Cheese Coaching Retirement 2.0 Online Course & Community  which will provide oodles of tools, guided reflection and exercise, some coach interactions and tons of opportunities to connect and interact with your Retirement 2.0 peers from the group
  • Optional: a Retirement Options assessment (more details later).
  • And more! 

LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE:  I will be keeping this to a fairly small and intimate group – likely around 10-15 people so there will be lots of support.

INVESTMENT: details coming soon – but as a pilot offering within the Big Cheese Coaching Lab – I will be asking my participants to provide feedback on the various components of this program and in turn, you will be getting a significant reduced special price (from what this will involve in future offerings) — and with many more benefits as an inaugural member of the Retirement 2.0 community.

INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? If you think this sounds like something you might be interested in and would like to hear more and/or be on the list of ‘first to hear’ when the course announcement comes out with full details — then get in touch please!  There is absolutely no obligation at this stage – but if you express interest, I will count you in on my ‘first to hear’ list as I send out firmer details. 

Hope to hear from you — or perhaps someone you know who is ready to talk about what success and significance will mean for you as you prepare for ‘what’s next in their life’.

To the UnretiredLife!


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