Retiring FROM or retiring TO…..?

When you think about retirement (or at least retirement from your current work), how much do you think about  what you are retiring FROM……vs. what you are retiring TO?

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How you respond to this may likely be a strong indicator how prepared you are for a successful life transition in the so-called retirement stage (which we affectionally call “UNretiredLife”).  All too often, people think about what they will leave when they retire.  “Finally – I won’t have to put up with the office politics“. Or, “No more 6am wake-ups….or traffic jams to work….or, or, or….???”

Without a sense of what you will retire to…..well, you could end up very disatisfied and disillusioned with your retirement.

One of the greatest maladies associated with retirement is depression. The old version of retirement focused so heavily on the stopping part. Work stopped. So little time and reflection on the starting part. The ‘starting part’ is critical to satisfaction in your next life stage.  What will you create/start/do more of to stay energized, inspired, engaged?

Boomers aren’t all that willing to give up work. Aside from the financial rewards, work brings other good stuff like: structure to your days, social connections, intellectual stimulation, a sense of contributing and personal worth, learning opportunities — and much, much more.

When that stops – one’s “Mojo” (sense of being alive) can deflate.

That is why it is imperative to reflect on what kind of life (work and personal) will you be retiring to?

It’s a big question – full of caveats and paths to explore (work, volunteer, hobbies, relationships, life meaning more). 

We can help. We offer coaching, assessments, and a whole bunch of tools to help you navigate this planning

Give us a call – no obligation — to explore your UNretiredLife!

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