Canadian Boomers are gearing up not shifting down (research)

I love it when research affirms what I’ve been saying for quite some time:)  According to a recent survey by Investors Group, Canadian boomers are gearing up and not shifting down in retirement. They won’t be knitting by the fire and taking long Sunday drives (what’s wrong with that?!) – that last comment is according to Debbie Ammeter, spokesperson on the survey.

Well I agree. My earliest posts here talk about how boomers won’t be heading off into the pasture. They’ll be creating new adventures. Those who have a plan that is. Not just financial but a life plan. Do you?

You can read the press release here

The message is bang on: if you are a boomer, you likely have years and years ahead of  you in the so-called-retired life. You are not ready to roll over…..but perhaps spring into a new chapter.

Whachhya gonna do? Who ya gonna be? Lots to chew on – it’s an important life stage. Don’t wing it! 

To the UNretiredLife!


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