Big Cheese Coaching and UNretiredLife programs bring a variety of best in class assessments to the fore. Assessments can offer different lenses to see yourself — to gain self awareness and to perhaps identify areas of strength as well as opportunities for focus and attention.

Assessments are usually offered within our broader programs in which we help clients learn about themselves as they work towards their goals. Often assessments help start the journey of discovery and new awareness. Sometimes they help complete a phase of the work and capture the learning and growth that has transpired.


1) Retirement Success Profile (RSP):The RSP looks at 15 areas related to retirement success. Only available through a Retirement Options Certified Coach (Eileen Chadnick is certified), the RSP provides people with a view to their current attitudes, sense of preparedness and desires on a vast range of retirement factors including: work and careers, relationships, life meaning and satisfaction, health, independence, finance  — and much more.

2) Life Options Profile (LOP):The LOP is another lens to many of the same issues highlighted in the RSP – but ideal for groups and corporate settings.  The LOP gives light to where one is with respect to their attitudes and choices in work, health, family/relationships, leisure and social, personal development, life meaning, new learning — and other dimensions critical to planning and living successfully in retirement.

3) Emotional Intelligence: Success and fulfillment in life at any stage calls upon a high degree of EQ (emotional intelligence). And even more so as one’s life undergoes major changes – whether intentional or by default. Today’s boomers will face many such changes and will need to have high fluency in a range of EQ factors to successfully navigate and create success and fulfillment in their ‘UnretiredLife’. 

Certified in the BarON EQI and EQ360, we bring the EQ assessments and know-how to  our clients to help them bring the best of themselves to this life stage.  Adaptability, self-directedness, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, self actualization, stress management– these are just a few of the many EQ competencies highlighted.

4) Strengths and Values: Living from one’s strengths and values is imperative if one is to live successfully, authentically and with meaning.

Our coaching programs always incorporate a strengths and values orientation. We offer exercises and assessments to help clients discover their unique DNA from a a strengths and values perspective. And we bring this unique mix into the conversation throughout the journey to encourage our client’s personal success and fulfillment

More in our toolkit: we are continually expanding our offerings in the assessment arena. Check back regularly to hear of updates and news!