TGIM Work-Life

Since 2007, I have authored another blog called TGIMworklife. The ‘TGIM’ stands for ‘thank goodness it’s Monday’. Really, TGIM is for every day – not just Mondays.  I write about a whole bunch of topics, issues, ideas that relate to the question: what is it to be engaged, inspired and successful in your work and in your life?

I love that question and it is the same theme I will bring into UNretiredLife. The difference is that UNretiredLife will be more focused on boomers and their particular issues as the approach and engage in what used to be called ‘retirement’ years. And as you know if you’ve been browsing this blog, we are flipping the lid on that old version of retirement and calling it UNretiredLife. 

Retirement is undergoing a major paradigm shift. This means that the ‘retired or UNretired’ phase of life will call upon even more thoughtful, intentional planning and action to ensure life is worth getting up for not only on Mondays — but everyday all week and year and in all stages of life!

Both blogs may have resonance for you.  So stay in touch with us here at UNretiredLife and at TGIMworklife! We’ll be here for quite awhile!

Here’s to your TGIM work and life in your UNretiredLife (wow, that’s a mouthful:)